When you hear the saying “It takes a village,” people are often referring to raising children. I am by no means saying that it doesn’t take a village of extremely patient people to mold tiny humans into functioning adults. Parents undoubtedly have one of the hardest jobs around. I just think there’s other things that “take a village” in their own right.

When I first ventured into the world of self-publishing, the word “self” really stuck with me. I’d be doing this by myself—I’d be publishing this book alone. Oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I rapidly learned how in depth this process really is. It’s a lot more than just me typing away on my laptop, well I mean that’s how this journey started, but me hiding behind my laptop wouldn’t get my book into people’s hands.

I had a story that I thought was potentially pretty good, but I soon found it takes far more than a potentially good story to create a novel. They aren’t lying when they say that physically writing the book is the easy part.

I quickly learned how to ask for help. Help with editing my book—like who really knows when you’re supposed to use a comma opposed to a semi-colon? I mean some people know, but I’m not one of those people. Or help with designing my book cover. And I most definitely needed help with the interior formatting of my book. And don’t even get me started on marketing and social media. I’d undoubtedly be a lost cause if I’d had to tackle any of these things solo.

I wanted to dedicate my first blog entry to “my village.” The group of amazing people who have helped launch my once stagnant dream into motion. So many of these individuals donated their time and resources to my dream, without me being able to offer them anything in return…yet.

A few weeks ago, I had some fantastic friends at my house graciously helping me blow up a countless number of balloons for my book release event the following morning. In-between mini panic attacks from balloons randomly popping, I pondered aloud if I should call another friend or not to ask him a question about my website development. I was worried about bothering him on a Friday night.

My friend Steven abruptly stopped wrestling with the tissue paper pom poms I delegated to him to construct and said, “Of course you should call him. What are you NOT paying him for!?” I immediately laughed and still laugh about this weeks later. Will, of course answered all my questions without hesitation, as he always does (Thank you, Will).

Steven also worked his butt off at my book release event the next day selling about a hundred copies of my novel and practically missed the entire event. So much so, that him and I didn’t even get a single picture together. I hope this blog shout out somewhat makes up for that. Steven is part of “my village,” along with so many other people in my life that have believed in me and supported me. They have been the driving force that has kept me going, even when I wanted to throw in the towel. I would try to name all of you, but I fear I’d miss someone. But please know, I wholeheartedly thank you all.

I am very excited to start blogging and sharing this journey with my future readers. From my battles with anxiety and depression, the trauma, hardships and triumphs of my nursing career, my journey to sobriety and why I decided to part ways with alcohol for good and how I wrote and self-published my first novel all while working full-time as an oncology RN—while still trying to balance time with my husband, family and friends.

I’m Dani King and I wrote a novel titled, “The Last Nurse” which officially releases to the world on July 8th 2022. But that’s not the story that I’m writing here.

This is my story.